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Now it's worse than Obama, before it was the same as Obama, the deal keeps getting better, I should probably wait and see what it morphs into next!
This is why I called you functionally illiterate...

If i vote for Romney and he doesn't repeal Obamacare (or he replaces it with something else that is similar), he grows the deficit as much as Obama (or more) , and shrinks our civil liberties as much as Obama (or more), and submits us to international authority as much as Obama (or more)... will I get a personal and public apology from you on this board if ANY of these things happen.
Maybe there needs to be a crayon mode so you can understand what I type.

Also, you've proven yourself to be a coward. I gave you a chance to put up or shut up, and you did neither. You're all talk. So, carry on.