The drought is affecting everyone so adversely. Today I had a message from a friend in Missouri who has rescued three horses. She paid a small amount for them to avoid having them put down, as the previous owners could not afford to feed them. She doesn't have much herself, has a couple rescued racer greyhounds, a mutt rescued in La during Katrina, plus ducks, chickens, goats. She lives on a very small farm outside of Missouri.

Bless her heart. She has two teenagers, who are taking it on themselves to use the money from their summer jobs to help pay for the upkeep of the horses. I don't know how they're going to make it financially with all those mouths to feed.

Then after talking to her, I got the following message from my son, who has a radio show about pets. This is a message that someone sent him.

didnt know if you have anybody that may be interested in 2 males horses both 18 yrs old Both are gilded (fixed)

One is a Fox Trotter that is very gentle the other a spotted saddle horse part Tennessee Walker that was used in his early years as a competetion horse and would make a great arena horse. Both have blue papers and are easy keepers. They are both free to good home and he will deliver them locally. It is a patient of mine who has them. One is reddish in color the other grey. Both are rideable. He is considering taking them to slaughter because of the drought they cant afford hay anymore.
I wonder how many good horses that could be ridden are going to end up as dog food. This drought is truly a plague. Ask Rock.

You can't even give a good horse away now. BTW, if anyone is in the Missouri/Illinois area and would be interested in a good cause, contact me via pm and I'll give you the info on who to contact for these horses.