Yep - the industry is full of dinosaurs from more than one view. Suuurrreee it's a dying industry. it'll only be around another century or so. It stinks, is dirty, is full of old white men etc., etc., etc. Come up with your own excuse. but..... before you write it off, how many other industries are creating the number of jobs that O&G are? In how many other industries can people at a relatively young age hold the senior positions some of these guys do?

Young execs taking the reins

"They learned about the 1970s Arab oil embargo in history class. They were just off training wheels when oil prices crashed in the 1980s. But the energy industry's rapid expansion has created new management positions.

And the technology innovations that are fueling the energy boom have leveled the playing field for engineers across the age spectrum. The techniques that unlocked reservoirs in shale rock and other unconventional geologies, namely horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, gained steam soon after Steele and his cohorts walked the stage."

Developing arctic resources will put Americans to work

"The United States begins a new energy era, one that will play out for decades and has already put thousands to work, even before a single oil well has been drilled.

A 22-ship fleet is en route to Arctic waters to begin exploratory drilling in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, an important step toward securing our nation’s energy security.

Energy security doesn’t just put our oil in a pipeline; it puts Americans to work, and it does so years before oil hits the market.

It could be 10 more years before Shell Oil will produce oil from the Chukchi and Beaufort. Even so, Americans are already working across the nation and will be kept busy through the interim."