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    Quote Originally Posted by Gluesniffer View Post
    Secular humanism isn't a religion.

    Really???? It receives tax exempt status as a religion.

    You either say you want separation of Church and state, which means that secular humanism will indeed be the official "philosophy", resulting in the fact that only scientifically proven theories should be thaught in science classes, for example. It doesn not mean that religion cannot be practiced, it just means that no religion should gain preferrence in any official way.
    Nor should one be UNDERMINED - as the Religion of Secular Humanism DOES seek to do.

    Or either you don't want separation of Church and State and we can all act like creationism is science and force people to learn arbitrary bullshit at schools.
    This is complete bullshit non sequitor. These are not related in any way. Your Belief is being taught as fact.

    Whatever you choose, it should also not be based on what your "founding fathers" intended, but on what you think is right. I don't let Leopold I decide on what I should think.
    Our Constitution is the FOUNDATION of our Country. Do you know what happens to a foundation of a building if it shifts???

    It falls.

    The same is true for this. The Constitution has set methods for changing it, when those standards for amending the Constitution are ignored and subject to the whim of the day, they mean nothing.

    I cannot finish this here, but Lets look at why God is CRITICAL to the very fabric of our nation and to the preservation of our rights. A hint. If man is the final authority on everything, then a bad men can do anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gluesniffer View Post
    What's the big difference? How can you be not secular without specifically benefitting a particular religion?
    I can't say it any better than the last several posters.
    If it's your goal to quantify secular humanism as the only way to guard against establishment of religion then simply say so, but don't suggest that your beliefs are in line with the foundations of this country or the intent of the clauses.

    You don't have to be have practice secular humanism to meet the standards of the following.
    1. Free excercise thereof.... and
    2. Make no law establishing
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