Hurricane Ike paid a visit to Ohio last Sunday. For those of you that are unaware, parts of the state had 100 mph sustained winds for over 5 hours - IN OHIO!!!!!!

It was a historic weather event, unlike anything that has ever happened. The head of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency said it was the equivalent of an F1 tornado, 100 miles wide, that sat on top of us for 5 hours.

Huge, and I mean HUGE 200+ yr old Maples and Oaks were ripped from the ground. Electricity was out for millions and a week later remains out for hundreds of thousands. Damage was widespread and trying to get a contractor to do repairs is impossible.

I rode out a few hurricanes with family in Florida, but this was unique. The trees and buildings in Ohio are not designed for this kind of weather. It was crazy.

Here are some pics