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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Wood View Post
    They weren't bitching when the Super Bowl created a much larger disruption in 2001.
    Yes, they/we were.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    Yes, they/we were.
    Bitching all the way to the bank, maybe.

    I had a client who got last-minute tickets to the Super Bowl after the Titans were knocked out of contention that year. There was not a single hotel room available within 35 miles of Tampa for that game. I wound up, just by sheer blind luck, speaking with the lady who was (at least at that time) the general manager of the Grand Hyatt by the airport. While she couldn't clear a room for me, she did rent out her personal home to my client, walking distance from Raymond James Stadium, for $5000 for the week.

    I'm sure she was just furious about that. Must have made her mad as hell.
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