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    well, David Kernell got served with a Federal search warrant this morning. His roomates have been subpoenaed too.
    This is bigger than presidential politics. This is a battle for America.

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    Why does it surprise anyone that the candidates associations are part of the package and fair game?

    I mean, I WANT to know if McCain is in bed with the Mafia. Or if Obama is a devil worshiper.

    Truth is, we can learn about the character of candidates based on who they pal around with. That means really pal around with. Not one time in public or one time donor to their campaign. True pals.

    In Obama's case his minister of 20 years is legitimate as he was close to him and sat through those sermons for YEARS. Not a one time visitor event. YEARS of it. And Ayers is a political pal. Does America want a president that was a political pal with a former terrorist? I don't care if that works in CHicago, will it fly in the entire nation.

    McCain has his own baggage and it needs exposing too. Subtle difference is I think all his baggage was exposed a long time ago and he doesn't seem to have CLOSE ties to anyone on the fringe of US politics or morals. Who knows.

    At the end of the day provided the ads use legitimate data they are fine with me. I don't like when they use fact and spin it to mean something else. FOr example a recent McCain ad that was pulled was wrong IMO.

    ANyway, lets stop pretending this is a beauty contest. You want to be the prez your life is an open book including your past associations.

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    Associations are fair game, of course.
    Obama associates McCain with's only fair that Obama's alliances with Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright are repeated over and over, his complicity in the Fannie Mae ordeal...and who knows what other skeletons will surface before Election day.

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