This is sweet! A DUmmy asks a thoughful question, shows some independent thought.

ProdigalJunkMail (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-10-08 12:40 PM
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1. exactly what constitutes a windfall?
that term scares me...

And I love this. This one thinks he has the answer. Instead it is just showing it's ignorance.

Breeze54 (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-10-08 12:44 PM
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3. They made $36 BILLION in PROFITS!!!
Uh oh! More indepent thought....This DUmmy wants to granite.

ProdigalJunkMail (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-10-08 12:47 PM
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4. but how much of that is % and how much is volume?
the company i work for makes MUCH higher margins than the oil companies do...are we making windfall profits? they DO have the most utilized product on the planet...could it be that they are not gouging us and it is volume that is to blame for those numbers?

i am all for doing away with their $17billion in tax breaks...but windfall profits is an awfully vague term...