According to Yahoo and Gallup the Oil and Gas industry is now the #1 most hated entity in the US. The.negative rating:is 61%.

To quote the article -
“Nearly two-thirds of Americans have a negative overall view of the oil and gas industry, falling below the U.S. government in the eyes of the public. In 2011, ACSI gave gas stations a score of 74, which placed it 11th from the bottom out of 48 industries. At the time of the 2012 Gallup survey, gasoline prices were on the rise. Plus, as Newport pointed out, people have to deal with the oil and gas industry every day when they put gas in their car “and they see prices inexplicably zoom up, and they’re not sure why.” Increasingly high revenues and government tax breaks may be one explanation for the oil and gas industry’s poor public image. The Gallup report also suggests that some Americans believe the industry has a poor environmental record, which is not always confined to events off-shore, or abroad. A fire broke out at one of Chevron’s oil refinery in Richmond, California last week, resulting in thousands of emergency room visits and potentially harmful exposure to toxic fumes. Accidents like than can only harm the industry’s image.”

This strikes me as a product, not of direct impact, but rather one of negativity of the LSM. Anyone who has their eyes open can see that the industry is more proactive in energy generation than any other and that the proper moniker these days should be 'the Energy Industry'. An example is BP's wind operations in Hawaii where such options make much more sense. Conventional power generation on the islands is very expensive due to having to haul everything in whereas with wind (or solar) local generation only needs transmission lines. BP, in conjunction with Sempra US already has over 1000 MW capacity operating or under construction. The new plant on Maui will supply a total of 21 MW, enough for about 10000 homes.

To this end Gov Romney's announcement this week of his energy policy is reason enough to vote for him with absolutely no other incentives. I have heard but not evaluated for myself the claim that his plan is based on a Citigroup work.

For me one thing immediately gets my attention: Jobs – The San Antonio Eagle Ford shale development is building jobs to last decades. The Romney plan can only make that better.

On top of that the spending records are driving much more than a couple of counties worth of interest. Texas gained, 2012 is setting records and 2013 will see another 13% increase with the lions share coming in the US.

Are things starting to improve? Don't bet on it. Read Bob Arnett's exposure of what the LSM won't tell you.
“How many of you are aware Sunoco, ConocoPhillips and The HESS Corp are all closing US oil refineries? Not many, as the media refuses to give this HUGE story coverage. My guess is that if Americans understood the complete truth to how we are being sold out, and enslaved there just might be the much needed revolution to turn this country around.”

But..... things could be looking up a lot and soon if we can get the public to apy attention.