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  1. #1 Walgreens still excluded from accepting Tricare 
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    Some months ago there was somewhat of an uproar in the military community when Walgreens pharmacies stopped accepting Tricare. How completely inconvenient right? Recently Michelle from Military Wives Savings shared how Walgreens is in the process of excepting Tricare again Tricare is still excluded

    In a statement posted on Tricare’s website, officials said pharmacy manager Express Scripts “has determined that it will maintain the same robust retail pharmacy network” that it already has, and “Walgreens will remain designated as a non-network pharmacy provider.”

    The decision locks Walgreens out of the group of pharmacies approved by Tricare and Express Scripts to provide in-network discounts.

    A dispute between Walgreens and Express Scripts terminated their relationship at the end of 2011. In July, the two struck an agreement that allows many Express Scripts-managed health plans to fill prescriptions at Walgreens starting on Sept. 15.

    But Tricare won’t be among them.
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    My mom worked for years as a nurse. She told me that Walgreens is an expensive pharmacy-it may be that is why there is a problem with accepting Tri Care.

    Meijer and Walmart pretty much accept everything in their pharmacies, and they are less expensive for the insurance companies. Meijer gives free generic antibiotics to anyone with a scrip for them, regardless of insurance. CVS takes Express Scrips, I know this from work.
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    Family Fare also gives free antibiotics. Walgreens needs to get with it.
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    I was chatting with the manager of my local Walgreens a couple of weeks ago more or less around the fact that my mother was pushed pretty hard by BCBS to use mail order drugs. We didn't talk about tri-care but we did talk about S-chip, medicare, and other programs because it was my belief that the pharmacies are about to do away with live pharmacists so that they can have a bunch of hourlies (techs) counting pills and labeling bottles at some mail center under the "supervision" of a single pharmacist. All of which the manager confirmed. He also said that Walgreens had been shut out of some prescription programs because they won't give away free drugs. I didn't go into that with him, because it didn't seem plausible that anyone would demand that the chain dispense drugs for free. Cheap, yes. Free, no.
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    My folks were on BCBC for years. They got their meds by mail through an 800#. Normally got their meds within 4 - 5 days from time of calling in. When they got a new med the Dr. would give them enough to hold them until the full script came by mail which he would call in.

    This outfit was a lot cheaper than any of the local pharmacies. They even called my folks a few times to see if they needed renewals or refills. They even called the Dr. a couple times to discuss whether a different drug might be better for the situation.
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