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  1. #1 Obama yells at an Old lady questioning him about national security. 
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    Obama yells at an elderly woman questioning him about national security.:D

    I think the issue here is that Obama is seeing his perfect campaign, his image as the Anointed One, the feeling of inevitability, all of it -- he's seeing it slip away. And he doesn't know what to do. So that feeling of self-assuredness and confidence is gone, as is his charm and eloquence.

    Here's the issue. For the sake of argument, let's just say Barack Obama was correct in what he was saying. Was there any reason to be yelling at the elderly lady questioning you? Sure, maybe it ruffled his feathers. Sure, her tone was a little confrontational. So what? As President, many many people will be doing exactly that. Every time someone questions Obama or gets a little confrontational with him, is he going to lose his composure and yell at them, too?

    And you know, I wouldn't have a huge problem with Obama yelling at Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. But when a voter asks you a tough question and you can't handle it, so you yell at her, there's a problem. And let's be real. Her question was not out of line. It's not against the rules to ask the Obamamessiah a tough question about national security, and to tell him you want specifics.

    But clearly, Obama can't handle that.

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    Maybe a bit angry. I don't see it as a true soundbite indicating anything. And as a McCain voter here, I don't want the raise the issue of short tempers

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    Obama is a horrible conversationalist. Even worse than Bush. While he is great at giving a unidirectional sermon from high upon a stage lingering over his legions of followers, he downright sucks at answering tough questions or even engaging in conversation with anyone who does not toss him softball questions pre-approved by his staff.
    **** Obama and **** you too.

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