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    Today in History

    September 3
    1189 After the death of Henry II, Richard Lionheart is crowned king of England.
    1260 Mamelukes under Sultan Qutuz defeat Mongols and Crusaders at Ain Jalut.
    1346 Edward III of England begins the siege of Calais, along the coast of France.
    1650 The English under Cromwell defeat a superior Scottish army under David Leslie at the Battle of Dunbar.
    1777 The American flag (stars & stripes), approved by Congress on June 14th, is carried into battle for the first time by a force under General William Maxwell.
    1783 The Treaty of Paris is signed by Great Britain and the new United States, formally bringing the American Revolution to an end.
    1838 Frederick Douglass escapes slavery disguised as a sailor. He would later write The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass, his memoirs about slave life.
    1855 General William Harney defeats Little Thunder's Brule Sioux at the Battle of Blue Water in Nebraska.
    1895 The first professional American football game is played in Latrobe, Pennsylvania between the Latrobe Young Men's Christian Association and the Jeannette Athletic Club. Latrobe wins 12-0.
    1914 The French capital is moved from Paris to Bordeaux as the Battle of the Marne begins.
    1916 The German Somme front is broken by an Allied offensive.
    1918 The United States recognizes the nation of Czechoslovakia.
    1939 After Germany ignores Great Britain's ultimatum to stop the invasion of Poland, Great Britain declares war on Germany, marking the beginning of World War II in Europe.
    1939 The British passenger ship Athenia is sunk by a German submarine in the Atlantic, with 30 Americans among those killed. American Secretary of State Cordell Hull warns Americans to avoid travel to Europe unless absolutely necessary.
    1943 British troops invade Italy, landing at Calabria.
    1944 The U.S. Seventh Army captures Lyons, France.
    1945 General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the Japanese commander of the Philippines, surrenders to Lieutenant General Jonathan Wainwright at Baguio.
    1967 Lieutenant General Ngyuen Van Thieu is elected president of South Vietnam.
    1969 Ho Chi Minh, the leader of North Vietnam, dies.

    Born on September 3
    1849 Sarah Orne Jewett, author (Tales of New England, The Country of the Pointed Firs).
    1856 Louis H. Sullivan, architect who gained fame for his design of the Chicago Auditorium Theater.
    1875 Ferdinand Porsche, automotive engineer, designer of the Volkswagen in 1934 and the Porsche sports car in 1950.
    1894 Richard Niebuhr, theologian.
    1907 Carl Anderson, physicist and 1936 Nobel prize winner for his discovery of the positron.
    1914 Dixie Lee Ray, Chair of the Atomic Energy Commission who received the U.N. Peace Prize in 1977.
    1927 Hugh Sidey, news correspondent and author of John F. Kennedy, President.
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    1895 - William Carrol Crawford died. He was the last surviving signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

    1922 - Bessie Coleman made her first appearance in an American airshow. In 1921 Coleman became the world's first African-American licensed pilot. Coleman was born on January 26, 1892 in Atlanta, TX.

    1934 - Freddie King, known as "the Texas Cannonball," was born in Gilmer, TX. In 1971 he recorded the first major live album made in Austin, at the Armadillo World Headquarters.

    1961 - In Texas, Hurricane Carla killed 46 people. (September 3-15)
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