'Eastwooding' Inspires National Empty Chair Day on Monday

In another sign that Clint Eastwood's RNC talk to an empty chair has tapped in to broadly held opinions that President Obama is not getting the job done, word spread rapidly over the weekend among conservative new media outlets that an impromptu "National Empty Chair Day" is being planned for Monday. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection noted the phenomenon first, and Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit quickly picked up on it. According to Jacobson:

Monday – Empty Chair Day

Prof – Seems that there is an effort to make Monday “empty chair day”

[Here's] an image of my front lawn, just mowed, to ensure the empty chair looks right. The sign next to the chair says:

“We own this country ... Politicians are employees of ours ... And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.” – Clint Eastwood

>>> It now appears quite likely that the DNC will open on Monday with images of empty chairs dominating Facebook, Twitter, and the internet. Once again conservative new media outlets have framed the narrative that continues to get away from the Obama 2012 campaign team.


Just put an empty chair out in front of your house on Monday... that says "You're FIRED!"