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    'Eminent' prof of 'gender and sexuality studies' pleads guilty to sex with underage boys overseas

    Walter Lee Williams, a professor of “gender and sexuality studies” at the University of Southern California until he quit in 2011, pleaded guilty yesterday. Eichard Winton and Kate Mather of the Los Angeles Times report:

    A former USC professor once on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted fugitives list pleaded guilty Friday to flying to the Philippines and having sex with several underage boys he groomed online.

    Walter Lee Williams, 65, admitted engaging in illegal sexual contact with minors in foreign places, entering the plea during a brief appearance before U.S. District Judge Phillip S. Gutierrez.

    As part of a plea, federal prosecutors agreed to recommend that the onetime eminent professor of gender and sexuality studies serve no more than five years in a federal prison. He also would be subject to 10 years supervision upon release and must pay $25,000 in restitution to his seven victims. Williams will be sentenced Dec. 15.

    The professor was only caught because authroties were contacted by someone concerned over the welfare of the children Williams was molesting. According to the Times, this occurred three years ago, and it was after this tip that the professor quit his teaching post at USC and left the country. In other words, nobody at USC had a clue that anything untoward was going on, and this man was paid to teach students at the high-priced university his views on sexuality which, in practice, turn out to be horrific.

    Williams is a published crusader against “homophobia” and an advocate of “Gay and Lesbian Rights.”

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    That's quite a generous plea deal as far as the prosecution is concerned. Is it a case that's difficult to take to trial because it involves international travel, with the victims located thousands of miles from the US? 5 years in prison and a fine?

    I wonder if he would have gotten treated so gently by the Phillipines' justice system? I'm reasonably sure that their prisons are more hellish than ours, if nothing else.
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