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  1. #1 Punk'd: DNC Convention Visitors Scoop? Up MRC Goof 'Journalists For Obama' T-Shirts 
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    As we all know, journalists should not take sides. Reality is another thing, so the MRC created "Journalists for Obama" spoof t-shirts. The irony is many didn't seem to get the joke as evidenced by how quickly a DNC Convention zombie hoarde scoffed up the couple dozen or so given out for free by the MRC field team in Charlotte.
    Funny video at link.

    Sidebar: is 'scoffed' the right word?
    Good men sleep peaceably in their beds at night because
    rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

    Real superheroes don't wear capes. They wear dog tags.
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    Yes, it can be either "scoffed" or "scarfed."

    Definition of SCARF
    1 : scoff 1 <scarfed down my sandwich>
    2 : snap 2 <scarfed up the best seats>

    Definition of SCOFF
    1 : to eat greedily <scoffed dinner>
    2 : seize —often used with up <scoffed up the free gifts>

    Might be a regional thing.
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    Wow, look at them swarm when they see a free handout.
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