Some months ago there was somewhat of an uproar in the military community when Walgreens pharmacies stopped accepting Tricare. How completely inconvenient right? Recently Michelle from Military Wives Savings shared how Walgreens is in the process of excepting Tricare again Tricare is still excluded

In a statement posted on Tricare’s website, officials said pharmacy manager Express Scripts “has determined that it will maintain the same robust retail pharmacy network” that it already has, and “Walgreens will remain designated as a non-network pharmacy provider.”

The decision locks Walgreens out of the group of pharmacies approved by Tricare and Express Scripts to provide in-network discounts.

A dispute between Walgreens and Express Scripts terminated their relationship at the end of 2011. In July, the two struck an agreement that allows many Express Scripts-managed health plans to fill prescriptions at Walgreens starting on Sept. 15.

But Tricare won’t be among them.