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True.....however the overriding problem with "electric cars" is twofold:
I think the real problem with the electric car is simply that our road infrastructure isn't built to handle it, and our energy distribution system isn't built to handle it. They have wireless chargers, for example. You could in theory build a city where buried underneath intersections there were inductive chargers. Only the free market will ever tell us whether in time something like this is a good idea (cost effective, demand). But I'm sure there's enough smart people in the world to make electric cars work if there was enough money there.

The problem is when the government gets involved, they can subsidize technology to get it to market, but it won't create demand for a product. If the government really wanted the electric car to work, it should have just said "we're looking to use electric cars for government employees in X agency as a pilot program. The car specs have Y requirements, and the contract is worth Z"... and obviously, it couldn't cost more than the existing gasoline fleet. Either a company would be able to fulfil the contract, or not. If the contract couldn't be fulfilled, then the electric car isn't ready to be made. But at least in this case, you're starting with the demand and not the supply.