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  1. #1 Jerry "The King" Lawler collapses during 'Monday Night Raw,' taken to hospital 
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    Jerry Lawler collapses during 'Monday Night Raw,' taken to hospital
    September 10, 2012, 9:50 p.m.

    Jerry "The King" Lawler, a commentator on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" television show, collapsed during tonight's live telecast and has been rushed to a Montreal hospital. In the world of pro wrestling, which tries to blur the line between real life and entertainment, this is all too real.

    Lawler had stopped breathing and was given CPR at the arena. He collapsed during a match between the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Prime Time Players, during which most people in the stands could be seen watching the commentator area (which is off camera during matches) instead of the match.

    Broadcast partner Michael Cole later gave an update, saying Lawler collapsed during the match and was immediately tended to by ringside doctors, who began performing CPR.

    Lawler, 62, had competed in a match earlier in the evening, teaming with Randy Orton against CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. He appeared in an on-camera segment just before collapsing and seemed fine.

    An obviously emotional Cole gave updates on Lawler throughout the rest of the show. The final update was that Lawler was breathing on his own, was reacting to stimuli but was in isolated ER and awaiting further tests.

    (Update at 9:49 p.m.: It is believed Lawler suffered a stroke.)

    Wow....prayers to The King and his family for a speedy recovery. They stopped comentating on the matches after this happened which was very wierd but understandable. Thank god the WWE has doctors ringside or this could have been much worse.
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