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Bullshit.......A member of my family is a psychiatrist, and sat on the DSM 4 committee, when the document was drafted......the exclusion of homosexuality from the list of emotional disorders was purely politics. A good portion of the perceived role (among the members) of the APA at the time was to "mainstream" certain behaviors deemed relatively harmless to society, and difficult to treat, in order to minimize the "social stigma" attached to them, which the majority of them believed was "within acceptable behavioral limits".......a purely arbitrary criteria, with no scientific studies or evidence to back up the decision.

CAVEAT: I don't consider psychiatry to be a "science".......it is a psuedo-science.

There were no theraputic considerations at all at that time.......it's also interesting to note that a significant porportion of the committee members were homosexuals themselves.......talk about conflict of interest.

This entire effort is tantamount to the AMA forming a committee, and announcing that breast cancer is no risk to women, in order to lighten their patient load, and leave a few more days open during the week for golf.

Homosexuality is, and always be deviant behavior, regardless of what the DSM states........it's abnormal, and we can certainly debate whether it has genetic or life-experience roots (or both), and whether it can be successfully treated, but it cannot, by any stretch of the imagination be categorized as "normal". To the extent that both homosexuality and pedophilia are deviant (sexual) behaviors, they have similiar psychological roots.

ADDITIONAL CAVEAT: I have no personal axe to grind with homosexuals, so long as they keep their activities personal, live productive lives, and don't attempt to redefine societies institutions, or publicly establish their entire identities by their sexual preference.


Bouncy, bouncy.

Your relative who allegedly sat on the DSM IV committee had nothing to do with removing homosexuality from the manual. It was removed long before that edition was
published. I have a DSM III-R, published in the mid-80s, and homosexuality is not listed in that one as a psychological disorder.