My annoying brother is now a big liberal diehard who is planning to move back to NY because of his so called miserable life in Florida where the unions are weak.

He is up there for one week on vacation with his family and he keeps texting me about how he can't wait to move back and get a job with the local MTA or Liberty line bus companies. He is currently a bus driver for the county in Florida and due to a weak union, he hasn't gotten a contract in 5 years since the state under our new Governor, Rick Scott, won't budge.

He wasn't always a Lib, he was Republican till he met his wife and since her whole family are big time Union folks, they have brainwashed him. So now he is going to uproot his whole family to get some fantasy dream union job and then get his ass kicked by rising taxes, cost of living costs in New York. My parents and I are trying to deter him, but it seems like it's only a matter of time before they move back.

It's come to the point that we can't even talk politics because he reminds of a DU'er and it becomes too heated with the family. He is a big Obama supporter now because he was able to do a Loan Modification on his house with a reduced interest rate and a reduced principal. So I think he's a lost cause when it comes to getting him to vote for a non-Lib.

Luckily, my parents ideals are more closely aligned with mine and since I fill out their absentee forms by mail, they are voting for Romney. much to the dismay of my dear, once conservative, misguided brother.

Anyway, just venting my disappointment.