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11. We Need to be the Guardians of Democracy.

This is it Folks. It's time we've got to take it to the streets and educate people to not be intimitated.

Minorities have been told they need THREE forms of ID to vote - by repugs.

That is utterly sickening.

We need to directly confront these things.

He needs to sever his umbilical from DU.

In SC for example, the law is...
Right now, you can use three forms of ID to vote: A South Carolina drivers license, a DMV ID card OR a registration card.

If the [new] legislation is approved, voters can use five forms of ID: A South Carolina drivers license, DMV ID card, federal military ID, passport, OR a South Carolina voter registration card with a photo, which has not been created yet.
He needs to get his facts straight, and give up on the propaganda..........