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Egypt was an ally, before Obama pulled the rug out from under Mubarak. Now, they are becoming the next bastion of Islamic theocracy and will soon be as virulently anti-American as Iran. Obama's confusion is, therefore, almost understandable in that context, but obviously, he wouldn't want to admit that he took a staunch ally and turned it into an enemy.

You have to wonder just how far the media will go to cover for this clown. The Egypt gaffe recalls Gerry Ford's comment about how Poland didn't consider itself under Soviet occupation during the 1976 debates against Carter. Throw in Obama's Carteresque abandonment of Mubarak, his utter cluelessness in economics and the hikes in gas prices, not to mention the numerous scandals that his Justice Department is stonewalling, and Obama has managed to channel the worst aspects of the Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations. If the media reported any of this, instead of spending all of their time attacking Romney, Obama's support would be in single digits.

Not likely. If there's one thing that the Muslim Brotherhood knows how to do, it's suppress unwanted dissent. They've had no trouble keeping Cairo free of anti-Morsi protests (and there've been attempts at a few). And, let's remember that the Cairo and Benghazi attacks occurred almost simultaneously, almost as if they'd been coordinated. Every country touched by the Arab Spring has seen anti-US riots, and four embassies have been penetrated. That's not incompetence on the part of one government, that's malice.
The really sad part is that it's not like he wasn't warned about this. Back when he threw Mubarak under the bus and abandoned any sense of international leadership, a whole lot of people warned that doing so would cast the Middle East and North Africa into turmoil, but he was too busy chanting "freedom" with all of the other teenagers who had no idea that it takes actual adults to engage in foreign policy.

All of this, right up to and including the deaths of those Americans in Benghazi, was completely preventable if only Obama wasn't an abject fucking moron W/R/T foreign policy.

It would be irony if it weren't so damned predicted and predictable, but Sarah Palin (the one who was accused of being such an airhead on foreign policy) has been right on every single foreign policy call, and Barack Obama has been wrong on almost every single foreign policy call.