Yesterday Rush took a call from a very persistent caller from New Mexico. She apparently insisted that she needed to get on the phone and talk to Rush. She sounded like a "seasoned citizen".

All the talking heads often cannot equal the insights of the American citizen. She claimed that the reason that they attacked was the constprovocationtion of the Dems and Anointednted Ones. She cited the bumper stickers of the Dems--we killed Bin Laden and saved GM. She stated that the number of times (I think it was 21) that the Dems and Obama kept mentioning they killed Bin Laden. Then she put that proverbial two and two together and said that those riotors were saying that "we're all Bin Ladens". You can kill one of us, but there are a million more (I'm paraphrasing this).

Rush was floored, couldn't believe that he hadn't thought of it. He made her stay on the line and repeatedly thanked her. Then he said he was sending a special EIB IPad to her.

She has something there. Obama thinks that the nations in the Mideast respect him because he defers to him. How in God's name (and yes, I do use the word GOD),does he think that he can brag about killing Bin Ladin, trying to take credit as if he personally did it, and at the same time be friends with them?

I'm so ticked off right now--turned off the TV set when we heard the start of Brian Williams show on NBC. They started saying "how low can we go" and had a picture of Rush.

My question is, how low can our country go if we reelect someone who doesn't know that Egypt had been a long time ally, who is the one who is insulting Islam and at the same time projecting Carter like weakness?

To all the PaulBots out there, get out and campaign Anointedy. We need the Annointed One out of office. There will be time for Rand Paul. He's a reasonable man. But we need a country left for our children.

Obama has to be turned out of office.