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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    Walmart didn't really come to metro Detroit until after Sam Walton's death. I might have gotten hooked earlier, if they had come here back in the days when Walmart proudly sold American-made products.

    I'm pretty loyal to Meijer, though. They are a Michigan company, they support charities around the state and not just in their home base of Grand Rapids, and they treat their employees well.
    Wal Mart's original mission was to plant stores in small communities that did not have any other places for people to shop.

    Then Sam had less control, eventually died, and now they are all over the place.

    Where I lived in Illinois, the only two communities that had WalMarts 25 years ago were smaller farming communities with many small rural towns surronding them. Of course, all the mom and pop stores in those same towns ended up shutting down...but hey, that is how things work. It worked out really well for the communities as it really helped the sales tax and property tax base. They provided local jobs and many day one employees retired after 25 or 30 was also saved people from having to drive 60 miles round trip to purchase some of the same items from other retailers and at the time most of the Wal Marts did have a lot of Made in America products.
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    This Walmart is in the surrounding area around my job. It's a heavily Hispanic community. My bet is the manager is a South American democrat who loathes any display of american patriotism because he's probably from a shit hole south american country.
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    I have six Wal*Marts within 30 minutes driving distance from me. There are two sets of two that are with in ten minutes of each other. It is like every where you look there is a Wal*mart. On every street corner, down every alley, up every flight of stairs. They are breeding like rabbits, and I hate it.

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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