This comes from one of the Anglican Blogs I frequent. I've include the all the text but I add a link at the bottom in cause any one wants to visit Stand Firm. Makes some excellent points on how Muslims respond to perceived insults compared to other faiths and how Islamic anger is handled verses other the anger Christians have when our beliefs are mocked.

Condemn the movie!

Seriously, those of you who are excusing acts of war, atrocities against non-combatants and other Muslim expressions of “hurt feelings over an anti-Muslim YouTube movie,” what is your policy response to this bit, which has been viewed by far more people, and is just a subatomic bit in a galaxy of media mockery of Christ and Christianity? (Warning: blasphemous & raunchy content)

As Sarah pointed out yesterday, the first Amendment, the American expression of Western free speech, allows for offensive stuff like this. We allow it, argue about it, use it as fodder for Stand Firm, whatever. Killing one another over it, or imposing laws to prevent it, or having the government call the folks who produced it are all out of bounds, no matter how much it denigrates the beliefs of others or “hurts feelings.”

If Christians suddenly burned down a TV station that carries Family Guy, killed some of the people working there and dragged their bodies through the streets for a photo op, should Family Guy be the target of government censure and public blame?

And if you disagree with my argument in the post, realize that it will hurt the feelings of the Stand Firm contributors. We will find you. And whatever we do to you and your loved ones will be your fault.

The story is here