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I saw the youtube click they they are saying is the cause. It was so stupid, I couldn't watch the whole thing. The audacity of the WH, Hillary and Obama to try to claim that this youtube clip that was released MONTHS ago, is the reason these muslims decided to protest on 9/11/12 is insulting to the american people.

If ANYONE wants to be a repulsed by a video, look at the Daniel Pearl beheading video if you can stomach it. I saw it years ago and I cried. They made him "confess" that he was a JEW, and for that reason alone, he was killed in the most ruthless way possible. If you don't understand the threat, find the video and have the COURAGE to watch it.
I don't know if he still does but Michael Savage put several beheading videos on his website and I thought oh I wonder.. I'll just have a look. I think the guy's last name was Anderson but I was stunned. It affected me for a couple of weeks, I couldn't get it out of my mind. Just horrible.

The Obama administration should have a look-see at some of them. After I got over being sick about it, I was pissed off. I wish our president would get pissed off..even just a little.