While the U.S. media focuses on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s reaction to the attacks on American embassies across the Middle East, the international media has focused its attention on the actual president, Barack Obama.

In a roundup of international opinion, German Der Spiegel featured this take from the conservative Die Welt:

"US President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy is in ruins. Like no president before him, he tried to win over the Arab world. After some initial hesitation, he came out clearly on the side of the democratic revolutions. … In this context, he must accept the fact that he has snubbed old close allies such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian military. And now parts of the freed societies are turning against the country which helped bring them into being. Anti-Americanism in the Arab world has even increased to levels greater than in the Bush era. It’s a bitter outcome for Obama.”
Mr. Smarty Pants Obama isn't so smart after all, and I'm glad Germany is saying so. If only.. ah you know the rest.