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Why are we even asking permission...errr...offering to send Marines?

Why are we telling the Sudanese we ARE sending Marines to guar OUR embassy and they can either clear the road when we arrive so they can get there as fast as possible...or die as me clear our own path?

Since when does the President of the U.S. ask permission from 3rd world shit hole to protect our own people/property?
Well, not really. If a bunch of hysterical skin heads attacked the Sudanese embassy and killed the ambassador we still wouldn't let the Sudanese Army guard it with loaded guns. It's up to us to provide security for them and them to provide security for us.

We are surprised that Muslims did not hold up their end of the bargain? A bargain it was, and stupid they are:
As of 2010 the current allocation of U.S. foreign aid from USAID to Sudan is $420,349,319.