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    Some local Democrats aren't too happy with me. I wrote an LTTE commenting on their local office's recent tweet favorably reporting a question at an education forum. The citizen asking the question referred to people who reject "climate change" as "idiots." The tweet was definitely not a quotation, but clearly agreeing with the person's insult. I pointed this out matter-of-factly in my very brief LTTE. Result? FOUR tweets from the person behind the Twitter account which said I was attacking them (never mind their attack on those of us who reject the "climate change" nonsense), tried to shift blame for the tweet on the person asking the question, and claimed "climate change" had been scientifically proven just like evolution and pi not being 3 (which was a not-so-subtle reference to the false idea that the Bible teaches pi equals 3). In addition, some Democrats invaded the local GOP campaign office in order to complain about the letter and complain that they couldn't find any such tweet. My state representative, who I've gotten to know a bit, was there at the time and knew about the tweet my LTTE referred to, so she found the tweet and read it aloud to them. Pretty funny!

    Oh, and just as funny, on Facebook, the same local office also favorably pointed out (cluelessly) someone else's recent LTTE that took a tongue-in-cheek dig at the Democrats' opposition to our state's proposed voter ID amendment. The letter writer said to keep in mind that the amendment would make it much more difficult for Democrats to vote. These Democrats thought it was in favor of their position on the amendment! I'm still laughing!
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