By Fred Lucas
September 17, 2012

( President Barack Obama, on the stump in the swing state of Ohio on Monday, said that in working with Republicans to reduce the deficit, he was willing to show more love and even wash their car to get the job done.

While speaking in Cincinnati on Monday, Obama said, The only thing they [Republicans] can do is keep trying to bluff their way through until November, and hope that you wont call them on it. But understand Cincinnati, look, I want to work with them to reduce the deficit. Ive said if the Republicans need more love, if they want me to walk the dog or wash their car, Im happy to do it."

You know, I genuinely believe that most Americans, Democrats or Republicans, they just want us to solve problems, said Obama. So Im ready and willing to work. But I refuse to ask middle-class families to pay over $2,000 more so that millionaires and billionaires can pay less.

Obama has a 4.2 percent lead over his Republican opponent Mitt Romney in Ohio, according to the RealClearPolitics average of all the presidential polls in the state. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Obama up by 7 points, while a Rasmussen poll has the president up by just 1 point. is not funded by the government like NPR. is not funded by the government like PBS. relies on individuals like you to help us report the news the liberal media distort and ignore. Please make a tax-deductible gift to today. Your continued support will ensure that is here reporting THE TRUTH, for a long time to come. It's fast, easy and secure.

That dog eating sob isn't going to walk any of my dogs!