We finally are getting civilized in Sarasota, at least shopping wise. A couple of years ago a Whole Foods opened here. A few weeks ago a Costco opened. Now, my shopping is complete. A Trader Joe's opened here. We waited a week, before checking it out, because the citizens of Sarasota had flocked to the grand opening. I heard at the physical therapy place where I go to work out that you couldn't get into TJ's small, 90 car parking lot. Traffic was backed up on Hwy 41, otherwise known as the Tamiami Trail.

I digress. The subject of this silly little thread is to discover if anyone has spied a Prius with a Romney bumper sticker. A total jerk of a guy in a Prius almost ran me down in the TJ lot. When I stopped to give him the official "You're a jerk" look, I spotted his back bumper. Of course there was an Obama sticker with the Forward on it. I didn't think that I'd see those stickers at Trader Joe's, as it's normally not as upscale as Whole Foods.

Never will I buy a Prius. I don't want everyone thinking that I'm a libtard. Of course when I open my mouth, they'd abandon that idea pretty quickly.