What a career move!!!

By Paula Hancocks, CNN
updated 6:26 AM EDT, Wed September 19, 2012

(CNN) -- Not many people get a personal invitation to visit North Korea's new leader Kim Jong Un.

Kenji Fujimoto was the personal sushi chef of Kim's father, the late Kim Jong Il, before fleeing to his native Japan in 2001, fearing his life was in danger.

More than a decade later, he returned to North Korea and described a warm reunion with the young Kim. "I jumped up to hug him, shouting 'Comrade General' and instantly burst into tears ... He hugged me back, the first hug in 11 years. I said, 'Fujimoto the betrayer is back now,' and I apologized for all I did and all I disclosed about him. He said, 'OK, don't worry anymore.'"

Fujimoto has written a number of books about the Kim family since he left North Korea.

So this moron thinks he's "forgiven"????