The media is reaching a fever pitch in their attempt to push Obama's reelection bid. We watched Letterman last night, holding our nose, to see how disgusting Letterman's support might be. It was maximum revolting. He allowed Obama to have the entire show to spread his propoganda and to try to be cool. The ease with which Obama lied through his teeth was astounding.

Letterman mostly shut up and let Obama have a long, show length monologue justifying everything and slamming Romney. When Letterman did talk, it was not only softball questions but totally complicit lead-ins for Obama. It was almost like having Jay Carney sit there with his drivel.

Long ago I was a big fan of Letterman. In fact I was mentioned quite a few times on his website. The guy who writes his daily article used to email with me. Amazingly the guy is a Rush fan. I feel sorry for someone who has to stifle his personal views so much, but money talks.