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  1. #1 ABC News Faces A $1.2 Billion Dollar Lawsuit For 'Pink Slime' Story. 
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    Beef Products Inc. sued ABC News, Inc. for defamation Thursday over its coverage of a meat product that critics dub "pink slime," claiming the network damaged the company by misleading consumers into believing it is unhealthy and unsafe.

    The Dakota Dunes, S.D.-based meat processor is seeking $1.2 billion in damages for roughly 200 "false and misleading and defamatory" statements about the product officially known as lean, finely textured beef, said Dan Webb, BPI's Chicago-based attorney.

    The lawsuit filed in a South Dakota state court also names several individuals as defendants, including ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and the Department of Agriculture microbiologist who coined the term "pink slime."

    The company's reporting "caused consumers to believe that our lean beef is not beef at all -- that it's an unhealthy pink slime, unsafe for public consumption, and that somehow it got hidden in the meat," Webb said before the company's official announcement.

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    Let me start off, I work in the meat industry, so I'm bias against ABC for what they did to my line of work. Even thou where I work, we never carried it in our GB. It still had an effect on us.

    I'll also say, I hope BPI wins and gets the full 1.2 Billion, and teach ABC a hard lesson about their yellow journalism. Their piece was short on facts and had plenty of lies. But I will admit, these types of suits are hard to win.

    But lets look at a few things. First off is location. "
    The lawsuit filed in a South Dakota" Yea, location means a lot. And when it comes to Beef country, its S.D. They will be very friendly toward the plaintiffs.

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    Should be interesting to follow...
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    I think the "pink slime" is pretty damn tasty.
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    I doubt that they will win. The beef producers took on Oprah for things she said on her show and lost.

    I don't eat a lot of fast-food beef, but I will admit that the stories about pink slime have affected by choices. I don't eat anything with ground beef from Taco Bell anymore, for example.
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    I hope they win. I would have sued them for more, though. ABC, just like the other MSM, spews nothing but lies and false claims.

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    They have a shot. Food Lion sued ABC some years ago and won, however it was overturned so who knows.
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