So... French Separatists won the election, and took over Quebec.

Funny thing about Quebec. By law, you are not allowed to have office meetings in English, or hallway/water-cooler conversations at your work place in English or you face a fine. No sending emails in English. This is on the books but has NEVER been enforced, because Montreal is an international city, and most international companies with offices here maintain an English-speaking workplace. Basically, you can't make people speak French if you want foreign investment... English being the international language. Now we're all worried they are going to enforce mandatory French language on all businesses. They've already come in and made us change all our keyboards to French!

On top of this, they might actually succeed in ceding from Canada. They are super socialist. I get paid in CAD, and my savings from this job are in CAD... so... that could suck if they nationalize the banks. Be like Cuba all over again. Maybe another civil war (similar to the October Crisis of 1970).

Still better being an American ex-pat than living under Obamacare.