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    To all those who are tired of the almost daily phone calls from politicians and pollsters. The Do Not Call List will not stop them. But here is an easy way to stop the calls.

    Vote early by Absentee.

    Most campaigns get a daily statistical report from the Secretary of State’s office. Included in the information is who has requested an absentee ballot and who has returned it as cast.

    For Pollsters and Politicians, its pointless to call people who have already cast the vote. And with such limited time and money for trying to win over votes. Calling some one who has already voted is a waste of both.
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    I prefer the old fashioned method of expressing my displeasure.
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    I've gotten one call so far about our state's proposed voter ID law. From the AARP. And this year was only my 40th birthday.

    Well, no worries. I'm pretty sure the call was meant for the older couple who previously had our number.

    At least... I hope so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    I prefer the old fashioned method of expressing my displeasure.
    Beheading an infidel?
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