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  1. #1 Woman Hopes President Obama Will Help Save Her Home 
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    A woman in Florida is taking matters into her own hands in a rather creative way, appealing to the president to save her home. Angela Agrippa bought her home in 1991 but she got behind on her payments after her husband was laid off and then passed away in March. Now she’s battling with the bank to get a loan modification.

    So why is she enlisting the president’s help? Agrippa said, “I want to ask President Obama why aren’t I being granted for HAMP modification? I qualify, I meet all the criteria.” She broke down in tears, saying she feels “defeated and destroyed.”

    She hopes that by chance, Air Force One will fly over her sign during a campaign stop in Florida. If Agrippa doesn’t get the modification, she and her daughter will have to move out by mid-January.
    Video at link.
    Get a clue lady. Obama isn't in any hurry to help anyone.
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    As long as Barry pays out of his own pocket, no problem.

    This woman needs to put in a little more leg work. There are gazillions of HAMP dollars available and just as many organizations out there that will help her for free. If she would have put as much effort into that as she did that sign she wouldn't need the sign.
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    Is that Peggy Joseph's house?

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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