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Some of the grammar and punctuation is worthy of a 12 year old.

That doesn't mean the writer is 12. My supervisor and section manager are always telling me how well I write. I don't think I'm all that great, and I make mistakes. High school was a long time ago. It does make me wonder how badly the rest of my coworkers write if the bosses think I'm that good at it.
Another result of Democratic/union control of public school.

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The letter is plausible. There are smart kids out there who are up on many issues, especially those which affect their families. Is this kid conversant in every aspect of the issues he writes about? Probably not; he probably knows what he considers to be the correct position. It would however be presuming facts not in evidence to declare that he has no positions of his own, that he is merely parroting his parents.
Oh, please. There is no way that a 12-year-old wrote that without an adult's input, and given that his parents named his little sister Kennedy (would they have picked Che if it was a boy?), it's obvious that he comes from a family of libs.