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  1. #1 They really just want us dead. 
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    Fri Sep 21, 2012, 12:16 AM

    They really just want us dead.

    The self-styled plutocracy of sneering wealthy "elites" and their willingly owned Republican political puppets - who serve them at all levels of government - would seem to prefer it if we 150,000,000 Americans would somehow simply cease to exist, or at least have the decency to quickly and efficiently die.

    At our own expense, of course.

    Maybe these greedy cash snorters believe keeping only the "productive" half - you know, the non-evil responsible half - of Americans would be a much more controllable herd population...a herd which is big enough to keep the lights on, the luxeries flowing, and their whims and wants catered to.

    If they can just shed themselves of the rest of us, well, that would be sweet.

    Sorry for the cynicism, but it seems to me if they despise us that much, then it is a near certainty the convenience of our demise has been avidly discussed. And with their presidential robot malfunctioning so badly, it probably still is...

    Such is the lack of humanity they evince.
    There is only one answer!!!

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I'm comparing this Romneytapegate to the Obamatapegate where he talked about bitter clingers. He was talking about half of America wasn't he? What's the diff?
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    I am surprised it took them this long to read the memo.
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    Lol the dummy obviously thinks all rich people are republican.

    Only people that I know that donate to republicans and libertarians are the koch brothers, and they only donate a few million every so often.
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    I really thought that the OP was going to be about the Muslim Brotherhood and the murders in Libya. Silly me, of course the DUmmies don't think that those guys want us dead, they believe that Republicans do. If the left hated terrorists half as much as they hate conservatives, we'd have won the Iraq and Afghan wars in a few months.
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