Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:19 PM
chknltl (8,538 posts)

The 3 biggest reasons many Americans will vote for Romney are:
President Obama is black.

Sad huh? Actually a damned sad testimony as to where America is right now! The suffering has gone on FAR TOO LONG! We are all victims.

With the myriad of other issues and crisises facing our nation and our planet, maybe we can spend a little of our time over the next four years dealing with racism here in America. Education will be paramount to getting this change started. Are you hearing me educators?

It is not up to him to ask us, instead it is up to us to ask him, but if asked collectively, I believe President Obama will be there to help us with this endeavour.

Yes we should and Yes We Can.1

And the band plays on! Waaaacist! Waaaacist! We're all victims!