The 2008 election was a great day for those of the liberal persuasion.Barack Obama won the White House. Democrats picked up eight seats in the Senate and 21 seats in the House on their way to large majorities in each.
Yeah, 2008: great. A mere 2 years later, 2010: not so much.

The passage of Proposition 8 in California (rolling back same-sex marriage rights), however, was the major blemish on progressives’ joy.
"Rolling back?" How can you "roll back" something that never existed in the first place?

This year, President Obama is in good standing in the polls
If you're counting only liberal bastions, sure. At large, however, no, he's not.

and Democrats are holding surprisingly strong in their bid to keep control of the Senate.
No, they actually aren't, and nice glossing over of the fact that they lost the House in 2010.

But will 2012 also be marked by the defeat of same-sex marriage referendums at the polls?

This November, there are four states with same-sex marriage ballot measures: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. These have the potential to be the biggest ballot victories to date for proponents of same-sex marriage.
Um, yeah. That's because ALL of the previous ballot measures have gone down in flames. Even one win by one vote would be "the biggest ballot [victory] to date for proponents of same-sex marriage."

Question 1, as it is known, comes three years after Maine voters “vetoed” a same-sex marriage law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. The veto was surprising because Maine tends to be a liberal state with no deep ties of religion. Demographic models based on the religiosity of each state suggested that the same-sex marriage amendment should have passed in 2009 by 6 to 10 points. Polling disagreed, and it was the polling that was correct.

This year, demographic models and polling agree that same-sex marriage should pass in Maine.
So... the demographic model was wrong before, but this time it's spot-on? Fool me once...

And the steaming pile goes on from there. These people are going to be pretty disappointed come November.