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An open letter to folks who cannot in good conscience vote for Obama


Go spew shit somewhere else.

Obama isn't good enough? He broke a lot of promises? Yeah, what else is new?

You don't have Dennis to kick around any more?

Sorry your ideal candidate isn't running this time. What are you going to do in 2016, bitch and moan again when YOUR candidate isn't running, or the candidate running isn't to your satisfaction?

The sign on the door says DEMOCRATIC Underground, not waffling Underground, not almost a Dem but maybe next time Underground, it's FUCKING DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND and Obama is our President.


What is wrong with you. You want Romney? Oh I don't like him and I'm not voting but you should. Whimsy whimsy whimsy.

Bullshit, stop trying to persuade people to your point of view. Either vote for him or go elsewhere and join the freak parade.

Sit on your hands, do it sit it out, but don't come back here preaching your shit to us when you're still unhappy.


Spoiled Romneys.

Wow...someone is upset today....sounds like his brain IS damanged.