Seeing Obama's favorability rating going down and his incompetence in foreign affairs resulting in the mess that the middle east is in has driven DUers literally crazy

LaydeeBug (3,631 posts)

Listen, I can remember when people were saying, "No way Bush will win! Did you hear what he *said*?"

"There's just no way" and look at what we got.

They aren't even HIDING that they're tracking and disenfranchising voters. They are doing that shit in the plain light of day. This race will tighten because the media needs the ratings.

We can't be complacent. GET YOUR GUN PERMIT TODAY IF YOU LIVE IN A VOTER ID LAW STATE. I honestly think it's the only way you will be able to vote at all.
Drunken Irishman (22,321 posts)

1. Those people had their heads in the sand...

Bush was winning. They just refused to believe the polls.

I agree that we can't get complacent, and we need to work hard, but Bush was leading at this point eight years ago ... Romney is not in the position Bush was in back in 2004.
So says the drunk.
randome (6,900 posts)

2. No, you don't vote with guns. That's just...something.

Romney is the worst candidate in a long time. Obama is one of the best. We are in uncharted territory this year.
It gives them comfort to know that he's the best campaigner.........even though he's the worst President ever. He's their god though so they can't admit it.
kayakjohnny (4,902 posts)

5. I think what LaydeeBug was saying is that with vote supression, the best way to get some legitimacy

(at least in the eyes of the suppressors) is to have a gun permit.

LaydeeBug mentioned nothing about using guns to vote, per se.

I see where the confusion is though.