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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Um, marriage isn't a right as defined in the Constitution. Next.
    Um... so what... next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    You can legally marry the person you love, because you are a man and she is a woman, and pay the tax that goes along with it.

    Although I support gay marriage, sometimes I wonder why gay people want it. It means paying the marriage tax, yet not necessarily producing children to claim as dependents to counter-act it to some degree. You might as well be single with no dependents.

    The entire reason why there's a joint filing is because it's to help the nuclear family, which has proven for thousands of year to help society survive, to take care of the children. Homosexuals cannot produce children naturally, the entire goal of the homosexual marriage is that it helps the liberals say how there are 0 differences between the 2 sexes. Feminists don't care about homosexuals getting married, they just want same-sex marriage because it'll let them point out how genders don't matter.

    There are people that do believe that there are differences in sex, there are people that believe that a man and a woman teach children best, with same-sex a child will always be non blood related to at least one "spouse", don't think that has any affect on development? Do you seriously believe marriage is about marrying the person you love? If you do, then you're very ignorant. Marriage is a legal and God binding contract between a man and a woman that says they will never leave the other (because a single parent has very high poverty rates derp), thank you liberals/feminists for inventing no fault divorce and decriminalizing adultery, it has been proven that a man and a woman married are lifted up out of poverty better than any government program(50 years of the new society and we have higher poverty thanks), it allows the parents to teach their children that men are natural protectors, and that women are natural caregivers, notice how men are usually the ones that rush to protect/save somebody and notice how women are able to make any boo-boo feel better?

    Once you understand that marriage is not really about love, you'll understand that allowing same-sex marriage will further the destruction of the nuclear family and the subsequent fall of the western world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wibbins View Post

    Feminists don't care about homosexuals getting married, they just want same-sex marriage because it'll let them point out how genders don't matter.
    I don't know about that. There are gay women I know who remember taking care of gay men with AIDS back in the 90s. The guys would get sick, their lovers would often desert them and it was the lesbians who ended up, like women always do, taking care of so many of these guys. I remember wondering what the point was for lesbians in being part of the gay community if they were just going to get stuck with the shit work anyway, taking care of males. Some feminism, eh? So, yes, gender does matter, even in the gay community, and if lesbians want to pretend that it doesn't, they're only fooling themselves.

    Straight feminists have nothing to gain by gay marriage as far as I can tell. There may even be something to lose there. Wait until the divorce cases start and gay dad leaves his (shocked) hetero wife, marries another guy and then demands custody of the children since he will have a "caregiver" at home while his wife will have to work and put the kids in daycare. And try arguing against such an arrangement on traditional grounds of the value of motherhood.
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