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  1. #1 The Republican base knows they're being lied to. They don't mind. 
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    Here's a facinating look into the mind of some liberals. Delusions, denial, stupidity, hate....there's a little bit, or alot....of it all. No wonder they are so miserable all the time.

    And of course they proudly say that they are the "reality based", loving, tolerant, fact loving, truth loving party.

    All one can do is at it and be glad we're not them.
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    The Republican base knows they're being lied to. They don't mind.

    They know there's no voter impersonation problem to solve via voter ID. They will admit, privately, that they don't think "those people" should be allowed to vote.

    They know public employees aren't overpaid, but they've been taught to hate public employees, so slashing public employee wages and benefits feels good to them.

    They know there's no threat justifying our enormous defense budget. They just like being the strongest bully.

    They know the health insurance companies are ripping them off, but they tolerate it because they just can't stand the idea of someone getting something they "don't deserve".

    They know unions spend a tiny pittance on politics compared to corporations, but they're happy denying that because they've been taught to hate "union thugs" and "union bosses".

    They know that Wall Street has rigged the system, but that's OK as long as they get to see the "Occupy hippies" pepper-sprayed.

    They know their Party doesn't give a shit about them, but they've been taught to hate the other Party as a "bunch of takers".

    They know there is no "liberal media" but also know that claiming there is one helps back up their other comfortable lies.
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    1. further proof that the GOP base is the dying party of scared white people

    who feel they are "temporarily embarrassed millionaires"
    lumberjack_jeff (22,379 posts)

    2. I don't hate many things. But I do hate this trait of republicans.

    Ignorance is one thing. Willful ignorance is even worse. But worst of all is complicity in lies.
    Definition of "lie": Whatever "I" don't agree with.
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    4. They think they are "in" on the lie.

    Little do they know, they are just useful idiots and peons. And it's sad, really. Because there are some of them who make $200,000 or so a year and think they are rich enough to be part of the club.
    To liberals it's all about greed and money.....thier greed and envy of others people's money.
    They can't comprehend that there are other priorities in life and that ANYONE but someone who is "rich" by their definition would think that just because someone is "rich" it doesn't mean that they don't deserve to keep what is theirs.
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    5. It's true. The RepubliProles willingly accept the lies

    They know the "global warming is a liberal plot" is total crapola of a mightily dangerous order. But they swallow the shit all the same.

    They know their Republican war-mongering "leaders" are all chicken hawks who will never actually defend America and who are meanwhile screwing our sons and daughters in uniform while they blithely enrich the already rich. But they get down on their knees and kiss Chickenhawk Ass over and over.

    They know their Republican Family Values "leaders" are Full-On hypocrites who are tapping their toes in public bathroom stalls, and prancing about in Diapers while boinking $1,000 a night hookers. And they still like to pretend they are some MORALLY SUPERIOR FOLLOWERS OF GAWD on a mission to intrude Big Government into America's bedrooms.

    It's pathetic. One can only entertain Great Compassion in the face of such
    perversity (R).

    That, sadly, is the degenerate state of the Modern Republican.
    hue (1,695 posts)

    6. The Repub sheeple want to be "winners by association" but they don't want to believe they're just being used. Yes they are able to excuse/tolerate/enable the lies d/t their deep fears and insecurities.

    They think they are winners--on the winning team--soon they'll feel the sting of FAILING!
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    10. +1 Yep.

    And it goes even beyond all of that. They're willing to intentionally harm themselves to see a group they hate hurt, and they hate absolutely everyone. You can rarely get them to admit it, but it's blatantly obvious from the "I'll live in a ramshackle hut if it means I can force you to live in a ditch." attitude the majority of them have.

    How fucked up is that? What kind of crazy do you have to be to think that way?

    That's one of the biggest differences between the left and the right and why there is absolutely no hope of reconciling the two. We oppose ideas and actions, they oppose the very existence of people that aren't them.
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    18. "They have been taught to hate"

    The main reason for them not caring, HATE! They have been programed for years by the likes of Rush, Beck, fox news, and all the other right wing hate mongers that they "HAVE" to hate the "other" side. Their religious leaders have told them that Jesus wants you to "hate" what is bad, and the spewers of hate on the air waves have used that to target those who are easily swayed because they can "hate" so well.

    From what I have seen the over zealous religious fanatics tend to listen to the right wing hate merchants on radio and TV. The peple who would never allow a Mormon into their homes to convert them, watch Glen Beck daily and allow him to "convert" them by the use of hate and insanity. It's easy to gather a "base" as the republicans have by going after the "gullible" people who seem to need others to tell them what is right and what is wrong, who don't really want to think for themselves.
    Not agreeing with liberal policies=Hate.

    The hatred that is expressed all through this thread liberals consider it.....either NOT HATE.....or It's OK, because it's TRUE.
    stupidicus (200 posts)

    23. yep, been writing about it forever it seems

    the problem doesn't reside in the "rightwing brain" in terms of structure, but rather the flawed and inconsistent structure/construct of their immorality/amorality that results in such high levels of disgust for their ideological opposition. They live in denial of all the facts that undermine their povs on those matters and more, but most importantly, in denial of who and what they are all that defines them to be.

    Deflections, projections, scapegoating, etc, are all denial tools that alleviate their burdens of conscience, and keeps their disgust flowing outward as opposed to inward where it belongs. Lying to themselves is necessary, and the mortar that keeps the wall of denial standing.

    The dynamics of it all isn't that much different if at all, from what the German people collectively underwent decades ago.

    One can only wonder for example, had it been some politically neutral figure rather than the despised Al Gore, that took the helm of the global warming awareness movement, what that debate would look like now, or the public opinion polls would show on the matter. Similarly, one could wonder what the modern "con" mind would look like, if they weren't on the wrong side of almost every political issue of significance past and present that has led to forward progress and less human misery. Much like the greatest lie the devil is said to have successfully propagated -- that he doesn't exist -- the modern con has to lie to the public and to themselves, to pretend that their sad and sordid record doesn't exist. Their record of failures and the immorality component of much of it, is transmuted by their mental alchemy into successes. This is why despite all the evidence that record represents, they still lay claim to the moral high ground and a monopoly on mensa membership. It's also why they have tolerance for chick-fil-a and muslim-bashing video makers, but no tolerance for those who object to them.

    All of which is why I've long been disgusted with, and loathe and despise them. The difference is of course, mine can be justified because it doesn't have bigotry as the proximate cause -- unless intolerance for that kinda intolerance, or hating haters is "identical to on a moral scale, the kinda bigotry they embrace and gladly live with.
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    What we have here is a serious case of mass projection going on. Psychologists should be studying this phenomenon.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    What we have here is a serious case of mass projection going on. Psychologists should be studying this phenomenon.
    Right?!? I thought I was in a drive-in movie theater marathon with the amount of projection going on

    Deflections, projections, scapegoating, etc, a

    Deflections, like fluke, gay marriage, romney's tax returns

    scapegoating, like saying all the poor, and of course the DUmmies think that only blacks are poor, are only poor because old rich white men are keeping them down lol

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    They know public employees aren't overpaid,
    In the prison system, if you're an assistant administrator, you're paid over $100K to push a pencil across a desk. In our last contract, there was no money in the budget to give us uniformed personnel a raise(unless you were already at max salary...but that's another discussion for another time), which I didn't mind because we're paid pretty well, but they have money in the budget to create a uniform compliance task force meaning they are going to pay a few people to drive around to all 13 institutions to make sure our boots are shined once in a while. Not all public employees are overpaid but public employees make far and above than private sector employees in similar lines of work not to mention pensions and benefits. But I digress, I know of no one who "hates" public employees because for the most part, there isn't anyone who would begrudge anyone a means to support their families but what tax payers hate to see government employees whining because $75K isn't enough to live on.
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.
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    That thread is a delusional hoot!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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