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  1. #1 Obama Considers Ambassador's Murder A "Bump In The Road" 
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    I mean, wow. Romney, for the love of all that is sacred and Holy please run with stuff like this:

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    Obama and people like him are delusional to think we're going to just 'bump up against' extremism. He also seems to believe that if we just leave the ME alone, it will turn out ok. God knows I'd love it if we could leave it alone, but we can't. A certain number of wackos in the ME dedicate their lives to the destruction of Israel and the US, we can't ignore that.

    As soon as we realized the Arab Spring brought us dictators like Morsi, we should have cleared out of our embassies and said call us when you're ready to be citizens of the world, not citizens of the 7th century. We need to keep an eye on this stuff but from a distance.
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    He calls the murder "a strong disagreement" and "a bump in the road" while proving himself a wart on America's ass.

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