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Elizabeth Warren practiced law without a license?

Please tell me this is not true. Only sources I could find were Freep and Breitbart, and I'm not inclined to believe either one.

Does someone have the full context from what she said on the radio?
The Legal Insurrection blog article is here:

It's funny to read the DU comments. It's clear that most of them haven't read it, and even those that say they have are condemning him for points that he acknowledges. He says that all indication is that she IS NOT licensed in MA but there may be other information he is not aware of.

It's clear they have NO UNDERSTANDING of the issues and are trying to deflect, muddy the waters, and keep people ignorant of what the article really says.

Hutzpa (9,615 posts)

2. Really?

Free republic and Breitbart?

Utter BS.
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11. This website has only been in operation for a month. It was obviously set up as political

propaganda for right leaning college students. I think College Insurrection and Legal Insurrection are nothing more than fronts for right wing propaganda posing as fact because it has the words College and Legal in the name. Also, Warren is titled Professor of Law not lawyer in the documents. To teach in a particular state it doesn't matter which state you are licensed in as long as you are not practicing law. Now consulting as a legal expert is a different matter. All you have to be is competent enough to advise based on the employment requirements of the firm you are working for. I doubt Elizabeth Warren would act as a lawyer in a state she is not certified as a lawyer. Breitbart is dead and so are his ideas.
ONE MONTH? That's funny, I've been reading Legal Insurrection for at least a year and a half.
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15. I'm a practicing attorney

There are several major holes in this article. First, while it says she worked out of MA, it fails to state where the cases were venued. In most state and federal cases out of state attorneys can be admitted pro hac vice on motion from an attorney licensed in the jurisdiction provided the attorney is licensed somewhere else. This is very standard. I am only licensed in two states, but have litigated cases in over half a dozen. I guarantee you I was acting within accordance of local law each time. Given the high profile cases Ms. Warren litigated, I would imagine she was admitted pro hac vice.

In short, at best, this is a very misleading article. At worst, it is a deliberate misrepresentation of known facts.
These are all points Jacobson admitted to in his article and asked Warren to clear up. So far she hasn't.
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19. hey, bachmann practiced law without a brain

this is last minute smearing because she is surging in the polls
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36. Law professors don't practice law. They teach it. They don't need to be members of the bar of the state in which they teach.

John Choon Yoo has taught at California law schools off and on since 1993 but as far as I can tell is not listed on the California Bar website as either an active or inactive member of the state Bar.

He served as a clerk to a Supreme Court Justice so he presumably passed a bar exam somewhere.

He and Elizabeth Warren may be members of the American Bar Association.
Jacobson never said that Warren needed to be a member of the MA bar to teach, in fact, he said she didn't even need to be a lawyer in order to teach law.

Someone has immense comprehension problems or else it trying out his skills of deflection.
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18. You can't practice law and be a judge ; you can practice law and teach school

But you don't have to practice law to teach. This is real base nonsense.

But do not let it gain traction. Fight fire with fire.
LOL These are totally irrelavent.