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  1. #1 Planned Parenthood may do NO STD testing either. 
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    As we know, Planned Parenthood has been claiming for years that they do mammograms. After being caught, they finally admit they don't (when pressed), although they still claim mammograms as part of their services. We know that all these liars do is give women an address of a REAL clinic that has mammography equipment. With the internet and iPhones, there's absolutely no need to support this service anymore.

    Now we find out that they may not even do STD testing, another one of their famous claims:

    IWantALamborghini • 9 hours ago

    Protested today at a PP in my town. I learned that many PP affiliates in California outsource STD testing to other companies like Quest Diagnostics, which I didn't realize. So now in addition misleading advertising about mammograms, PP is also engaging in misleading advertising about STD testing....

    A Quest employee explained the entire process and PP does NOTHING for the customer except refer them to Quest where the testing takes place. PP does NO testing in these cases...

    Patients go to a Quest Diagnostics office where the specimens are collected....
    Quest Diagnostics is a lab where many doctors and clinics send patients to be tested. (I myself went to Quest for a blood test a few years ago.) Any clinic or doctor can send a patient to Quest. There is utterly no reason for Planned Parenthood to be duplicating these processes.

    However, this is the SECOND big medical service lie in which Planned Parenthood has been caught.

    1. They DON'T do mammograms. They only give a woman an address of a real clinic that will do the testing.
    2. They DON'T do STD testing. They only give a woman an address for Quest Diagnostics that will do the testing.
    3. OBAMACARE is paying for contraception.

    So what is Planned Parenthood's reason for being again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elspeth View Post

    So what is Planned Parenthood's reason for being again?
    Good info for the young women who need to read your words, Elspeth.

    Not sure how old this 1 min 38 sec. vid is ... but here is one of my favorite candidates seen agreeing with you on this:

    American By Choice ~ 1980
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    A doctor or PA-C has to write the order for the mammogram or lab work (in this case STD testing.) I wonder if PP's doctors are providing these orders?

    You can't simply show up at Quest and obtain blood work without a physician's order.
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