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Just threw a hissey fit in a store in Cape May, NJ...

"Just for Laughs" had a President Obama punching bag in the window. I told them I would never buy another thing in their stores (including "Kaleidoscope" that is next door) or the two other stores they own in Cape May. Also selling a tee shirt with Bush's picture that says "Do you miss me yet?". I also told them I would inform all of my friends from the Pittsburgh Area that vacation in Cape May not to patronize their stores. I was not very quiet about it either. What a disgraceful thing to sell.
Isn't it funny how they crow and laugh and ack snarky if it is something negative about President Bush or Romney, but are oh so offended at the "if it is about their savior Obama?
SoapBox (3,971 posts)

2. I love what you did!

And here in California, I finally washed my car (?!?!?) and put on my "Forward" magnetic bumpersticker.

I'm starting with a magnetic one, that I can take off when I'm in "employee" parking at work (so that someone doesn't
steal they did my Breast Cancer awareness ribbon and my Support our Troops ribbon...nice.)

I'll go to the regular bumpersticker the 1st of October (and I have 3 in case someone screws those up).
LibGranny (268 posts)

3. Good for you! If more people

stood up for their values this country would be much better off! Thanks.
Hmmm.......seems to me that store was probably "standing up to their values".