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I turned this film on for about 5 minutes. It was incomprehenisbly stupid.

It just isn't possible that this is what poeple are killing for, it is more likely they are killing for thier imams or high-priesties or what ever they have in Islam.

To play along with this is to encourage this irrational and dangerous (to us) behavior.
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Well, it is possible. These islamists are as thinned skinned as they can get.
It's unlikely that they knew it existed until the imams started talking it up in the mosques, but the timeline is wrong. Usually, this kind of rioting occurs after the Friday night sermon/jihad exhortation. More likely is that the Obama administration was clutching at straws to explain why they didn't anticipate the anniversary attacks. Note that they were desperately spinning that it was a response to the video, rather than an organized attack. If it was an attack, then it was a failure of intelligence (and of Obama, who couldn't be bothered to attend the briefings), but if it was a spontaneous response to a video, then it was the fault of a hapless fall guy who incited those peace-loving Muslims.